English Teaching – One Of The Best Jobs in Panama

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jobs in Panama tefl

FAQ’s about jobs in Panama teaching English

Teaching English is one of the most popular expat jobs in Panama. If you’re looking for a way to make money while living abroad, teaching English in Panama is a fun and easy way to do it. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about teaching jobs in Panama. 

How hard is it to find teaching jobs in Panama?

Finding English jobs in Panama is quite easy, especially compared to other Latin American countries.

When it comes to teaching English abroad, there are plenty of job vacancies in Panama due to the prosperous Panama Canal. This key passage for international trade has brought countless American companies to Panama, making English a fundamental language for many Panamanian businesses. As a result, increasingly more people are looking for English teachers in Panama for themselves and their children.

jobs in Panama tefl

Teaching English in Panama is incredibly rewarding.

Do I need a college degree to teach English in Panama?

Most English job opportunities in Panama don’t require their teachers to have a college degree.

The exception is if you’re applying to work at one of the more prestigious schools or learning centers, or if you’re trying to teach subjects other than English.  A college degree certainly won’t hurt your job search in Panama, but it’s not necessary.

Is speaking Spanish necessary to finding an English job in Panama?

English schools in Panama typically mandate a strict no-Spanish rule in the classroom, which makes finding a job in Panama possible even for those with no knowledge of Spanish.

Of course, learning at least some Spanish is a good idea, since it makes living and working in Panama a lot easier (good luck finding a taxi driver who knows a lick of English!) Knowing the basics can also help you on your job search in Panama, as Panamanians appreciate when a foreigner is at least trying to learn the language.

jobs in panama teaching english

Join a thriving community in Panama.

Do I need any kind of certificate to teach English in Panama?

Some English schools in Panama require their teacher to have a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate, but not all. Schools that require this certification are usually larger institutions with branches found all over the world. If you plan on teaching English in Panama as well as in other countries, it may be worth getting. However, it is possible to find an English job in Panama without it.

Do I need a visa to work in Panama?

Not necessarily. Panama’s immigration laws allow foreigners to stay in the country for up to 6 months without a visa. After 6 months, renewing your visa is as simple as jumping over to Costa Rica for a weekend. Think of it as a bi-annual forced vacation. Considering traveling to Costa Rica is both inexpensive and awesome, most expats in Panama don’t mind.

How much money can I make teaching in Panama?

The salary of an English teacher in Panama varies, but the average range is about $10-$20 an hour, depending on your qualifications and the institution you work with. One of the great aspects of teaching jobs in Panama is that it’s often up to you to decide how many hours or classes you’d like to teach per week.

Keep in mind that cost of living in Panama is deliciously low, which makes getting by on a teacher’s salary a breeze.

Where should I begin my English job search in Panama?

Wherever you want to live! Numerically speaking, there are usually more openings for jobs in Panama City, Panama, due to the city’s large selection of English schools. The presence of the Panama Canal and the city’s booming business district both create plenty of job opportunities in Panama City.

If you’d rather work in a more ruralized area, you can search for English jobs elsewhere in Panama. Panama’s expanding tourism industry has made learning English a popular goal in many parts of the country. While there may be a smaller selection of English schools away from Panama City, there’s also likely to be a smaller number of applicants. You can also offer private tutoring lessons, although this will generally require knowing at least some Spanish.

If you’d like more information on jobs in Panama, please email info@jobsinpanama.com, or check out some of our related articles on working in Panama.

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